About BaburyServer

Babury Server is a mod server that adapts RUST's PvE rules.

Beginners, people who love PvE, people who are tired of PvP, and anyone with common sense are welcome.

Beginners welcome!

The introduction of mods makes it easy for beginners to get acquainted with the world of RUST.

Some people come here because they are tired of PvP and want to take a break.

Of course, veterans are also welcome!

Useful plugins installed!

Over 100 plugins have been installed to make the server more enjoyable for all players.

We're making adjustments daily, and we're trying to minimize the game's imbalance ().

Some of my own plugins have also been installed.

Discussions on Discord

We are always accepting requests from players on our server.

Requests received are reviewed by the administrator for feasibility and reflected in the server.


  • Depending on the server's status, the server may be restarted irregularly.
  • After updating / modifying plug-in, the server will be restarted.
  • We will notify you before restarting the server. But in sudden situation, notification will not be shown
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  • 当サーバに関する動画の投稿・生配信は基本的に自由に行っていただいて構いません。
  • 誹謗中傷を目的とする動画の投稿・生配信は行わないでください。
  • 配信プラットフォームは問いません。
  • 概要にサーバ名や当サイトへのリンク(を張っていただけるとうれしいです。
  • Discordに一報いただければ、のぞきに行くかもしれません。


Server Status



  • ばぶ(babu77)
  • 兄はオタク