• Cupboards should be locked unless there is a specific reason not to.
  • Please lock the entrance.
  • We recommend attaching a Door Closer to the entrance.
  • Be careful of the height if you surround the base with stone walls etc.
    • If there are rocks etc in the vicinity, there is a possibility that it will be invaded from there.
    • If there are rocks nearby, there is a possibility that the player falls accidentally and is trapped in the base.
  • When building a trap house, be sure to prepare an escape hatch so that the player can escape.
    • If we can't confirm the escape hatch, we may break down without notice.
    • If you kill a player, you CAN'T take away supplies.
    • You CAN'T kill a player with a turret etc.
  • Please refrain from building that the player will stack.
  • Unless there is a special reason, please build the base with the quality of stone or more.
    • You can prevent players from entering from the underfloor.
    • It is possible to reduce the damage when the bullet of a helicopter hits directly.

About Call Helicopter

  • Please use a helicopter base that you built in the designated area.
  • In principle it is prohibited to attack helicopters called by other players.

How to escape from the helicopter.

  • Please wear two pieces or less of clothing.
  • DON'T put weapons on the belt.